About usNihon Kohden’s initial product – the world’s first AC-powered eight-channel electroencephalogram (EEG) unit – completely changed the way healthcare professionals monitored and detected abnormalities in the brain, and firmly established the company as a leader in the precision medical products field.

Nihon Kohden’s portfolio of products represents a complete diagnostic and monitoring product solution, encompassing Neurology, Patient Monitoring, and Cardiology—while serving patients from the ED and Epilepsy Monitoring to the Sleep Center and CCU to the OR.

Cutting across specialties and care areas, this integration of technologies can provide caregivers with a higher level of information—enabling more accurate diagnoses and ultimately, better outcomes.

Please view our handout materials detailing our complete Neurology solutions portfolio including our Neuromaster™ G1 NIOM system with full clinical EP and EEG software and patient database integration.
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TitleNeuro Account Executive
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TitleClinical Account Manager, IOM
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TitleNeuro Product Manager
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The Operating Room is a fast-paced, stressful environment with unpredictable and diverse patient demographics. Compromising intraoperative monitoring care is not an option. Nihon Kohden's 32 channel Neuromaster™ G1 gives clinicians the confidence that they have the right tools to accommodate each individual patient, every time. With its unique TcMEPro™ matrix stimulator design, patient specific protocols can be created on-the-fly by tailoring parameters such as duration, ISI and train length. In addition, the system’s daisy chained, quick-connect stimulators simplify cable management while increasing reliability, safety and efficiency. All standards you have come to expect and trust from Nihon Kohden.

Maximum Flexibility Without Compromise
Portability - Fully featured and fully integrated MEE-2000 has a reduced footprint and weight designed for portability for the IOM Service market.

Neurofax Software utilization - The MEE-2000 utilizes NK’s world class Neurofax software to remontage and trend patient vital signs.

Breakaway Stimulator and Acquisition Pods – Both the Acquisition Pods and Stimulation Pods can be disconnected at the base of the input block for easy rotation of the patients, and fast removal when necessary.

TcMEP Matrix Stimulator – The matrix stimulator has 8 output pins, each of which can be programmed for anodal or cathodal stimulation. The stimulator can be constant current to 250mA or voltage to 1000V.

All electrical stimulators can be programmed to output constant current or constant voltage and bipolar - the user can select Mono, Alternating or biphasic stimulation types.